Saturday, 28 September 2013

Water is precious... every drop

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Save energy for a better tomorrow.
Water is precious... every drop...

Water is precious... every drop

  1. Run fewer but fuller loads on washing machine.
  2. Buy energy efficient appliances.
  3. Heat only required amount of water in kettle.
  4. Use a broom instead of hose to clean your porch.
  5. Check for water leaks and fix them soon.
  6. Be careful and try to turn off the tap when you brush your teeth or shampoo in shower or while scrubbing dishes. Take shorter showers too.
  7. Carry your reusable bags to supermarkets, grocery stores or for food take-away.
  8. Unplug your electronics when not in use and save power.
  9. Go digital and cut paper use (Stop paper bills and subscribe for e-bills).
  10. Fill your freezer, since the fuller it is, the less energy it uses.
  11. Print on both sides of paper whenever possible.
  12. Buy and use fluorescent light bulbs.
Just few pointers to start with...

Thursday, 26 September 2013

♓ Meen Pollichathu {Fish} ♓

My family and close friends know that I luvvvv.. fish! What I had realized lately is that I do not really have the same intensity of likeness to fish prepared in all cuisines. My inclination is always towards naadan (traditional Kerala) preparations  So when I got hooked to this recipe, it was no surprise!!!
Authentic meen pollichathu is prepared in banana leaves and not in an oven :) But this recipe lets us still savor the good old taste of a spicy naadan dish, by baking the fish in aluminium foil, fully covered in all the masala... slurpppp :D I had prepared this on various occasion's while having my friends over for meals and trust me everyone loved this!

♓ Meen Pollichathu ♓
Recipe adapted from My Kitchen Antics & Mrs.K.M.Mathew 

Meen Pollichathu @ Nam's Diary

♓ Meen Pollichathu close up ♓

Monday, 23 September 2013

✌ Vanilla Butter Cookies ✌ {Egg-less}

This was one of those days, I really wanted to bake something but there were no eggs at home. Glum and broody I decided to find my luck among egg-less recipes! Defeated I decided to walk up to our local store to get some eggs and adorn my baking apron. That's when my bestie pinged me this awesome and wonderful {egg-less} recipe for melting moments aka vanilla butter cookies. It is a very simple basic cookie recipe and the results are truly irresistible. So drop your siesta plans and get cookie-ing!!

✌ Vanilla Butter Cookies ✌ {Egg-less}
Recipe adapted from Nishima 
Vanilla Butter Cookies getting ready for baking

Vanilla Butter Cookies getting ready for foto shoot

Vanilla Butter Cookies!!!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Chocolate Roulade

Recently my best friend from school decided to visit me after a long time! She had repeatedly stressed for some cake presence whilst she came over. She has an adorable three year old daughter too whom I wanted to impress {The fairy cup cakes were exactly what caught her attention as soon as she stepped in; Ta daa mission successful}. I had plans for some good food of course and when it came to a choice for dessert, I zeroed in on Chocolate roulade. Something that would just melt in the mouth and look every bit sophisticated on the cake stand, aside from being easy to whip n bake :). I would definitely recommend this if you have few guests over for more than one meal. In midst of all the fun and laughter, I was able to get only two decent snaps of my roulade before it thoroughly disappeared!!!

Chocolate Roulade
Recipe adapted from BBC (Mary Berry's)
Chocolate Roulade

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