Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Abel & Cole {My first personal review}

On a lazy afternoon, I was introduced to Abel & Cole, a one stop shop for all the organic goodness. They work directly with some of the best farmers, butchers and bakers in the area to get us some of the freshest of produce. No harmful additives whatsoever. They reuse their packing materials and follow a host of environment friendly policies which is quite impressive. 
from my veg box!
As you already know, organic produce are pricey! But I believe that Abel & Cole is economical as they pack and deliver only seasonal produce. One other plus is definitely the wonderful team working behind the scenes, they are some of the loveliest people who offer a lot more in terms of quality and impeccable service. 
from my fruit box!
On my usual visits to the supermarket, I end up picking good looking but less flavoursome veggies, and its rinse repeat all over again!! With Abel & Cole, my choices have become more bolder and I have been continuously experimenting with loads of new varieties of vegetables and fruits. They cater to almost anything you want, almost... 
dairy products!
Now have you seen this vegetable before (pic below)? If yes, did you get the opportunity to taste them? If no, order some right away @ Abel & Cole :) These rainbow chards are absolutely a gorgeous bunch to munch at! 
rainbow chard!
Initially I took the leap to register with them, enticed by their offer for a free cook book and 4th free fruit/veg box. The journey continued beyond that, as I was impressed with their organic products and lovely service.
my first veg+fruit box!
They deliver in our area on monday's (this day is not a dull day for me any more)  and I can't help but say that I get very excited every time I open the boxes:) Most often you get to know what comes with the boxes every week, however if you have disliked any item, the element of surprise to find the replacement is there. Not to mention the happiness or awwness when you get some really beautiful vegetable which you happen to be seeing for the first time ever. They also make a habit of pampering us with occasional freebies and appreciations. 
As part of their faultless service, they always clear any problems you have had with the week's delivery. I have received some very thoughtful recipe cards and other favors. Recently I was given the opportunity to hand away 3 free veg-box cards, and needless to say they were a hit!
They host an array of competitions online, and one among them is the monthly recipe competition. See what I won for last months competition :D 
my win on recipe competition!
Hope you enjoy shopping @ Abel & Cole. Wishing you all a very happy holiday season, Merry Christmas :)
early x'mas present!

mini mince pie!

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I wrote this review as a personal choice :) 
                                                                                 ♥ Thank You ♥

Friday, 8 November 2013

❀ Tomato Chutney {Quick & Easy} ❀

A perfect south Indian condiment that just raises the sensation of many flavours in your mouth. Refreshing with a fair share of creaminess from the coconut but traces of heat from dry red chillies and slight tangyness from tomato. This recipe is a simple one which allows your breakfast to go that extra bit special!  

Tomato Chutney {Quick & Easy}
Recipe adapted from MariasMenu

Tomato Chutney {Quick & Easy}

Another flavourful chutney to add that extra zing to any usual dish. Simple as you need only few ingredients and quick & easy to prepare... A definite must-try!!
Tomato Chutney {Recipe card}
Recipe card {above}; Detailed recipe {below}

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