Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Tips while deep frying!

Hot oil is nothing to mess with!
  • Use large heavy bottomed pan for uniform heating of oil.
  • Try to maintain the attained temperature of hot oil consistently.
  • Take extra care and keep water off to avoid unnecessary splatter.
  • Lower food gently into the hot oil, do not just drop it from a height.
  • To avoid greasy food, one needs to fry at a high temperature and also take the food out of the oil as soon as it is cooked as it begins soaking up oil at a quicker pace after that.
  • You can reuse oil but one needs to ensure that it is still fresh without any foul smell or discoloration or excessive foaming or excessive smoking.
  • Minimize the odor in kitchen while frying by opening windows or turning on the extractor or by burning scented candles.
  • Last but not least you should choose the right oil for the right cuisine.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Café Mocha Marbled Cake

"There are not enough Angels to
take care of everyone in the world, 
so God created Mothers."
Happy Birthday to my Amma :)

For my sweet & smart Amma, its chocolate & coffee cake! Today as she turns a year wiser, me and my family wishes her a lot lot more years of health & happiness. It is hard to put words to tell you how much you are loved... you are simply the best!!!
This is a rich chocolate and coffee marbled sponge topped with creamy white chocolate ganache. Baking evokes many happy emotions and I can't express the enormous sense of joy while baking for special people in my life. This bake uses the simplest of ingredients and yet takes shape to a gorgeous tasting loaf cake. So celebrate any reason or excuse with this lovely bake :D

Cafe Mocha Marbled Cake
Recipe adapted from The Great British Bake Off book
Café Mocha Marbled Cake

Friday, 7 June 2013

Home-made Vanilla Ice-cream {No Machine}

One day Nikhil asked me to make him a dessert and I promised him that something will be waiting for him once he returns from office. Of-course I had not planned anything, so I started searching my kitchen cupboard for any possible ingredient which I could make use of. Tadaaaa! I found a tin of condensed milk. Now I only had to decide what to make of it ;) 
I decided to skip through the many bookmarked recipes and was keeping my eyes open for anything screaming 'Easy' or 'Quick' and stumbled upon this recipe (Thank You Ria)! This recipe just uses 2 or 3 ingredients of which one is a tin of condensed milk. Mission accomplished! 
Later after the taste test, we realized that this recipe is to stay. For the n number of reasons, I would need ice-cream and now I can make my own batch. Enjoy!!

Home-made Vanilla Ice-cream {No Machine}
Recipe adapted from Ria's Collection

Home-made Ice-cream {No Machine}

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Spicy Chicken Curry

Lately I have read a lot of disturbing articles on poultry available at the super markets. They may be cheap but they may also not be healthy. So hereafter we decided to shop at the local butchers for free range chicken. Once that issue was solved, I wanted to come up with a spicy chicken curry recipe which neither uses oven nor uses fresh cream (as per my friends requests). My search ended on finding this simply fabulous authentic Kerala chicken curry. Now it secures a top position in my favorites list. It goes well with rice, appams or other Kerala breakfast varieties. So what are you waiting for.... make a portion and enjoy!!!

Spicy Chicken in Coconut Milk Curry
Adapted from Kothiyavunu
Spicy Chicken Curry with extra gravy

Monday, 3 June 2013

Tips To Easily Peel A Boiled Egg!

Though eggs are an easy alternative for any time meal, it can prove to be messy to work with at times. I opt for hard boiled eggs in stews, sandwiches, biryani's or 'mutta' roast. I know for some, the list goes endless. Here are few pointers which I apply to make my life easier while working with boiled eggs.
So let us get cracking...
  • Choose at-least a week or more old eggs for hard boiling. If it is in fridge, do try and bring it close to room temperature before placing for boiling.
  • Boil the eggs in hot water with salt for 10 - 12 mins  (approx). Do not over boil as it does'nt help in peeling off the shell easily. The salt is to prevent the egg from leaking while boiling.
  • On removing from fire, drain the hot water and fill in cold water. Let it stay for few mins.
  • Now tap the big end of an egg onto the counter (any hard surface) and then repeat tapping on the other slender end too. After which you need to roll the egg on the counter by placing your palm firmly on the egg.
  • Now you can easily peel off the shell from the boiled egg without breaking the egg! The outside of the boiled egg will be perfect and clean.
  • If you rinse the egg after peeling, then it is better to let it dry for a few seconds so that it will mix well in the dish.
Tips For An Easily Peeled Boiled Egg!

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