✿About Me✿

I am Namitha, a simple girl believing 'everything that happens, happens for good'. Having a small place on the net has been on my mind for quite sometime, but then again for what? Recently I started experimenting with new dishes, especially baking as a hobby and I decided to record my little culinary trysts, hence the blog! I should say life will be a lot easier with CTRL+C, CTRL+V and CTRL+F functions(copy, paste and find as my friend says):)


Around few months back I was a busy IT professional working extra hours and cooking simple meals(no experimentation's even though I was tempted quite a number of times to please my husband with some wonderful items on our dining table ). Then time just flew past days. Now I am in the UK with my husband(Oh by the way his name is Nikhil, and he is currently doing his masters). Resigned and cozy at home I was left with a lot of free time. This is when I turned my attention to the multiverse of cooking along with exploring this small but beautiful town. The day we moved into our small terraced home, I was more than delighted to have my brand new oven in the kitchen :D. After baking my first (now favorite)Lemon Drizzle Cake I was overwhelmed with all the compliments for the fool proof recipe. Then I was a regular, browsing BBC Good Food and various other blogging sites with so many interesting recipes!

My life revolves around my family and friends and for the same reason when I started baking, I decided to bake special cakes for each of their birthdays or anniversaries :) It makes them feel special and keeps you inspired to go on and on... at the same time. Other than the passion for cooking and baking, I love travelling, photography and crafts.

So dear friends in this blog I intend to post recipes, most of which I found online on various blogs/websites or some of which I have learnt from my family/friends. I have made some recipes simpler from the conventional for my convenience of cooking or improved them for satisfying my taste buds :). Hope you enjoy my journey and praying for a world free of hunger!!!

Relocated to another beautiful town and the love for ♥ baking & ♥ cooking continues... and so does the exploration of this new scenic place!

                                                                                ♥ Thank You ♥


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