Monday, 30 December 2013

Black Forest Gateau {Cherry + Kirsch + Vanilla}

Yet another beautiful year is coming to an end! December is a month of joy and celebrations for most people around the world. In my house this month is quite special as its around Nikhil's birthday :) This year I baked a decadent Black Forest Gateau for the birthday boy and he loved it :D
The soft, moist chocolate sponge layered with whipped cream and kirsch'ed cherries with a liberal spread of chocolate shavings are nothing short of a celebration cake. The fresh cherries on top scream out the awesome combination with just the right amount of chocolatyness drenched in fruity glory!!! 

Black Forest Gateau
Recipe adapted from Ria's Collection

As I had trouble hiding the decorated cake, there was no element of surprise for Nikhil this year. He was basically getting pretty impatient, waiting for the clock to strike 12 that night ;) Cake was wiped off clean from the cake stand by the next day, leaving me not a piece to share with my neighbour! It was indeed a gorgeous cake both in and out... Hope you would try this too for a special someone on a special occasion!!

Above pic is clicked in daylight during my prep phase. Later I did not get the opportunity to shoot better photos as the cake was long gone...
And that's us (below pic)! clicked during the midnight cake cutting session :D


6 Eggs, @ room temperature
1 cup Caster Sugar
1/2 cup Plain Flour
1/4 cup Cocoa Powder
1/4 cup Corn Flour
1 tsp Vanilla Extract

1 Jar Cherries in Kirsch
2 cup Double Cream, sweetened and whipped for frosting
Few fresh Cherries
Dark Chocolate shavings, as needed


  • Preheat oven to 180°C/ 160°C fan /Gas 4. Prepare and line two round cake tins with parchment paper.
  • In a large mixing bowl, first beat the eggs until light and fluffy. Then gradually add the sugar and beat on high until you get a mousse like consistency (around 15 mins).
  • Add the vanilla extract and beat further for a minute.
  • In another bowl, sift and mix the plain flour, cocoa powder and corn flour.
  • Now gently fold in the flour mixture to the egg mixture.
  • Pour the batter equally into both tins and bake for 25-30 mins.
  • Take it out of the oven and cool completely.
  • Using a long serrated knife, cut each cake into two and keep aside .
  • Place a layer of chocolate sponge on cake stand. Drizzle the cherry syrup (refer notes) liberally but uniformly on that layer.
  • Then add a thick layer of sweetened whipped double cream. Push in some kirsched cherries over the cream layer.
  • Repeat the same with the other chocolate sponge layers leaving the top of the fourth layer. 
  • Now cover the top and sides of cake with whipped cream.
  • Decorate with the dark chocolate shavings and pipe few rosettes on top of cake to place the fresh cherries.
  • Once assembled, refrigerate for best results as the sponge gets moist and the flavours set in perfect. 
Notes: Definitely a recipe to bank on! Simple yet yields gorgeous results :D Thank you Ria for yet another fab baking recipe.
The jar of cherries I bought had this cherry compote in kirsch which I used as syrup to moisten the cake. Be liberal in all true senses for the best moist cake. 
Beauty of the cake is that it does not have a single spoon of butter but still tastes utterly awesome!

                                                                                 ♥ Thank You ♥

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