Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Olan {Sadya Recipe}

Onam this year is fast approaching and few of the sadya recipes have been in my drafts since last Onam! 

Sometimes I am amazed at some of the loveliest sadya dishes for their simplicity and this sure is one of them. Pretty straightforward recipe and a quick one too. My only challenge is sourcing the ingredients here. Go on give it a try and I hope you enjoy it.

Recipe from my Amma

Olan, a sadya item

2 cup Ash Gourd (Kumbalanga), sliced
3 Green Chillies, slit lengthwise
Thin Coconut Milk, as required
1/2 cup Black eyed beans, cooked until soft and drained
Salt, to taste
3/4 cup Thick Coconut Milk
Oil, to prepare seasoning
Few Curry Leaves
Few Shallots, thinly sliced 

  • In a pan, cook the sliced ash gourd and green chillies with thin coconut milk just enough to cover the vegetable slices. 
  • Once they are cooked, add the cooked black eyed beans and salt and mix well.
  • Pour in, the thick coconut milk and cook on low flame further for 5 mins.
  • Remove from fire and prepare the seasoning.
  • In a small pan, add some oil and fry the thinly sliced shallots until golden brown.
  • Then add the curry leaves and tip it all into the prepared dish.

Notes: Do not overcook the black eyed beans or ash gourd. Let it retain its shape. You can replace the thin coconut milk with water, but it tastes better if you cook ash gourd in thin coconut milk. A little salt is added whilst cooking the black eyed beans, so be cautious while adding more salt to dish. 

                                                                 ♥ Thank you ♥

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