Thursday, 16 May 2013

Yummy Love Letter's !!!

Yet another snack from 'gods own country'. This is also a popular  tea time snack which does not require deep fry! Back in my school days amma used to prepare these for breakfast or to comfort a hungry bunch of kids returning after school ;). It was quite easy to get hold of two rolls and still manage to run off and board the  school bus on time. 
This is a pancake/crepe variety snack from Kerala with a filling of sweet grated coconut, originally called 'Elanchi', @ Kannur (my home town) we refer to them as 'Love Letter's' :)

'Elanchi' aka 'Love Letter's' !

Yummy Love Letter's aka Elanchi !!!


1 cup Plain Flour  
Salt, a pinch
1 Egg, lightly beaten
Milk, as required to make the batter (you may add water too)

1 cup Grated Coconut
3 Tbsp Sugar (alter as per your preference)
Few fried cashews & raisins (optional)

  • Add the plain flour and salt to the beaten egg and mix well. 
  • Now add enough milk/water to the mixture and prepare the pancake like batter. ( It is considerably a thin batter.)
  • In a pan slightly heat the grated coconut and sugar until just combined. (You may add the cashews & raisins too, optional). Keep aside.
  • Now heat a flat frying pan (low to medium heat) and pour a spoonful of batter into the centre. Spread it with the back of the spoon to get a neat thin round pancake.
  • Once it is cooked you can remove it to another plate and repeat the same with the rest of the batter. (it is also fine to flip the pancake  to the other side for few seconds.)
  • Now fill each pancake/ crepe with the coconut & sugar mixture and securely roll it. 
  • Stack the rolls onto a serving plate and serve warm. Enjoy!

Note: If you fancy fried cashews and raisins, then you may add them to the grated coconut and sugar mixture filling. 

                                             ♥ Thank You ♥

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