Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Egg Stew ... Simple!

At home we prefer not to have meat or fish for breakfast, but eggs are welcome! Egg Stew is a 'quick fix' dish, provided you have instant coconut milk. On special days most of us would desire to prepare a gorgeous breakfast followed by a large spread for lunch. Preparations for lunch can indeed get quite elaborate and possibility of finding time for preparing a good breakfast is out the window. On such days, I prepare egg stew accompanied by laced appams which according to me makes my breakfast super special ;). So why not give it a try? I guarantee that you will be impressed.

Egg Stew!!!
Recipe adapted from my Amma.

Egg Stew!!!

Egg Stew...simple!
Small piece Cinnamon Stick
3 - 4 Cloves
4 Boiled Eggs (cut into halves)
2 Onions, finely sliced
Small piece Ginger, finely chopped
2 - 3 Green Chillies, slit lengthwise
Black pepper, crushed ( as per preference)      
1 cup Thick Coconut Milk
1 cup Thin Coconut Milk
Salt, to taste
Oil, as required

1-2 Shallots (small onions), finely sliced
Few curry leaves

  • Heat a little oil in pan and add the finely sliced shallots. Once it turns golden brown, add the curry leaves and mix well. Drain the garnishing off the oil and keep aside.
  • Now with oil just enough to saute in pan, add the cinnamon stick and cloves. 
  • Once the aroma of the spices comes, add the sliced onions and saute until they turn translucent.
  • Add the chopped ginger, slit green chillies and salt. Mix well and cook for few mins.
  • Pour the thin coconut milk into the sauteed onion mixture and let it boil. Sprinkle crushed black pepper and mix well. 
  • At this stage add the boiled egg halves cautiously without breaking them further.
  • Cover and cook for few more mins.
  • Now pour the thick coconut milk and mix well. Remove from fire before the stew boils. 
  • Transfer into a serving dish and garnish with the fried shallots and curry leaves.

Notes: At my home, this dish is mostly prepared with appam/ idiappam for breakfast or with ghee rice for lunch. 
Instead of using the hard boiled eggs, you can use diced & boiled vegetables or cut & cooked chicken pieces for variety.

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