Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Tips while deep frying!

Hot oil is nothing to mess with!
  • Use large heavy bottomed pan for uniform heating of oil.
  • Try to maintain the attained temperature of hot oil consistently.
  • Take extra care and keep water off to avoid unnecessary splatter.
  • Lower food gently into the hot oil, do not just drop it from a height.
  • To avoid greasy food, one needs to fry at a high temperature and also take the food out of the oil as soon as it is cooked as it begins soaking up oil at a quicker pace after that.
  • You can reuse oil but one needs to ensure that it is still fresh without any foul smell or discoloration or excessive foaming or excessive smoking.
  • Minimize the odor in kitchen while frying by opening windows or turning on the extractor or by burning scented candles.
  • Last but not least you should choose the right oil for the right cuisine.

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