Monday, 3 June 2013

Tips To Easily Peel A Boiled Egg!

Though eggs are an easy alternative for any time meal, it can prove to be messy to work with at times. I opt for hard boiled eggs in stews, sandwiches, biryani's or 'mutta' roast. I know for some, the list goes endless. Here are few pointers which I apply to make my life easier while working with boiled eggs.
So let us get cracking...
  • Choose at-least a week or more old eggs for hard boiling. If it is in fridge, do try and bring it close to room temperature before placing for boiling.
  • Boil the eggs in hot water with salt for 10 - 12 mins  (approx). Do not over boil as it does'nt help in peeling off the shell easily. The salt is to prevent the egg from leaking while boiling.
  • On removing from fire, drain the hot water and fill in cold water. Let it stay for few mins.
  • Now tap the big end of an egg onto the counter (any hard surface) and then repeat tapping on the other slender end too. After which you need to roll the egg on the counter by placing your palm firmly on the egg.
  • Now you can easily peel off the shell from the boiled egg without breaking the egg! The outside of the boiled egg will be perfect and clean.
  • If you rinse the egg after peeling, then it is better to let it dry for a few seconds so that it will mix well in the dish.
Tips For An Easily Peeled Boiled Egg!

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