Monday, 7 October 2013

⁂ Golden Chutney ⁂

Chutneys are pretty popular these days. Many seasonal fruits & vegetables are enjoyed all year through in the form of chutneys these days. But at home when we say chutney, there are a few variants which have been around for quite some generations ( especially in south India)! Mostly we refer to them by their colour {red orange green} :) 
Now this is one chutney my amma kind of discovered as we are a couple of nut lovers. It is rich spicy crunchy and brings forth a whole new twist of flavours from the roasted nuts dancing on our tongue! Indulgence is what this recipe really is! So I hope you would definitely try this out :D

Golden Chutney
My Amma's recipe
Golden Chutney

Golden Chutney recipe card

Notes: Once you get the chutney consistency, transfer to a serving dish and enjoy with a Biryani or any other south Indian breakfast  dishes (idli's or dosa's). 

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